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Fundamentally, Quantity Surveyors act as custodians overseeing the financial and contractual aspects of construction projects. Their involvement spans from the inception of initial planning sketches to the culmination of the project.

The core responsibility of a Quantity Surveyor lies in the meticulous measurement and valuation of construction work, thereby establishing and managing the project’s budget.

While the significance of Quantity Surveying is sometimes undervalued or perceived as an extraneous expense, it plays an instrumental role in ensuring that construction projects are executed within the allocated time and budget.

At Build Estimating, we boast a team of adept Quantity Surveyors poised to address your specific requirements.

Key Stages Involving a Quantity Surveyor:

Preliminary Design Stage:
The initial task for a Quantity Surveyor in a project is to outline project budgets. They formulate preliminary feasibility estimates based on the initial planning sketches provided by the architect.

Design Development Stage: As the design evolves, the Quantity Surveyor continues to furnish revised and refined construction estimates. These assessments reflect the escalating level of design intricacy, providing precision and insight into how the estimate harmonises with the design progression.

Detailed Design Stage: After the Architect finalises the tender design, the Quantity Surveyor compiles a Pricing Document or Bill of Quantities (BoQ). This ensures equitable competition among Contractors vying for the project and ensures that their pricing encompasses all planned works.

Tender Process: The Quantity Surveyor generates tender documentation for Contractors to evaluate. This typically encompasses all drawings, the Bill of Quantities, the draft contract document, and any other pertinent information. Subsequently, the QS meticulously reviews these tenders and advises the client on which contractor to proceed with after completing the analysis.

Contract Administration: The QS team prepares the contract documents for execution by the client and the chosen Contractor. The Quantity Surveyor subsequently takes on the responsibility of overseeing and upholding the contract on a day-to-day basis, ensuring compliance by both parties during the construction phase.

Post-Contract Management: The Quantity Surveyor maintains oversight of the contract throughout the construction phase. They measure and assess any deviations that arise and subsequently generate monthly valuations and disbursements to the contractor, culminating in the agreement of the final account.

The QS also provides the client with monthly updates on whether the project is on budget, utilising a forecasted final account calculation that is updated on a monthly basis.


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