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How many property programmes do you see on your television where developments go half way through and the clients budget has been blown out of the water, having to scrape about for additional money to complete the work. What generally is the common factor in these problems?

Clients appoint an Architect to do the design, an Engineer to complete all the structural designs, interior designs to pick the paint, sound engineers to install the TV etc, but they miss the fundamental professional and pull together budgets for their dream development on sometimes no more than a cigarette packet.

Why would you not put the costs at the forefront of your mind from the start.

The successful projects are built by people who have the great sense to put the financial budget as one of the most important elements through every stage of the project.
From conception, design, contractor appointment, through the construction and completion, the importance of a good cost engineer/ Estimator/ QS on any size and type of building cannot be overestimated. From changing spec through Value engineering to make you design come alive to agreeing contractor payments to stop profit rich contractors, a good construction cost professional can help in all areas.

A company like Build Estimating can carry out costs from a sketch at early design stage, more comprehensive costs from construction drawings and then carryout all the cost for contractor payments to ensure a private client and developer is covered.

If you run a building company, sub-contractor how many times have you quickly pulled together a price from previous experience. Now this may work may times but how many times do you miss out on a contract because others price were more accurate or appear more professional. Now obviously you may not have the time to pull together an accurate tender so you should use a professional person to do this for you, to allow you to get on with making money on sites.

Finally can you take it ?

They say that building works can be one of the most stressful things to do in your life. To remove this stress why not get all the professional take the stress for you. From Estimating, Project Management, QS & H&S a company like Build Estimating can carry this work out on your behalf so you can relax and wait to enjoy your new property.