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An accurate material takeoff is essential for arriving at an accurate estimate of the cost of aconstruction project. Without a comprehensive construction takeoff, the contractor risks underbidding or overbidding on a project, which can result in financial loss.

Creating a comprehensive construction takeoff can be time-consuming, but it is a crucial component of construction cost estimating. The materials included in a construction takeoffwill depend on the project’s size and scope but typically include raw materials, prefabricated components, and specified quantities for each material.

The challenges of a construction takeoff include expertise, accuracy and time required for quantifying each component and assigning a price to each material.

Construction Takeoffs: What Materials and Components are Quantified?

Although used interchangeably in the construction industry, the terms “quantity takeoff” and “material takeoff” can have distinct meanings. A material takeoff is simply a tally of the required materials for a specific project. On the other hand, a quantity takeoff encompasses all the materials, labour, and equipment required for the successful completion of a project.

A construction takeoff typically includes raw materials such as timber, steel, concrete and sand, along with prefabricated components like electrical cabling, light fixtures, pipes, tile, windows etc.

To create an accurate construction takeoff, the building cost estimators must assign a precise quantity for each material based on the item type. Simple counts are usually sufficient for prefabricated materials, but accurate length requirements are needed for lumber or piping, while area measurements are used for roofing, flooring, or cladding. Volume is required for some components like concrete.

Determining the correct quantity for each component is essential for an accurate construction takeoff, but it can also be one of the most challenging aspects. Without digital takeoff tools, estimators must perform complex equations to arrive at precise quantities for materials like concrete or asphalt – this can lead to costly errors and discrepancies in materials if done incorrectly.

To ensure accurate pricing and ordering of materials, each component must be specified, including any specific requirements for materials noted on the construction takeoff. The estimator may consult with the engineer or architect to ensure that the materials listed in the takeoff match the project’s requirements. If a specific type of timber or steel grade is needed, this information will be noted in the construction takeoff.


Digital Takeoffs: Enhancing Accuracy and Speed in Construction Estimating

Build Estimating offers advanced cost-estimating services using cutting-edge technology and a team of experienced estimators to ensure unparalleled detail and accuracy in quantity takeoffs. By choosing Build Estimating, builders can receive a comprehensive cost estimate or quantity takeoff, all without the need for time-consuming manual calculations.

We use Cost X, a cloud-based build estimating solution that allows us to measure lengths, counts, and areas from CAD drawings and scanned building plans for quick and accurate cost adjustments and bid evaluations.

With our digital takeoff service, we can provide contractors with a list of all material requirements for any project, which can be easily adjusted to materials costs and up-to-date material cost data from a database. Our digital takeoffs assist building contractors greatly bysaving time and increasing accuracy.


Build Estimating Services

At Build Estimating, we go beyond construction takeoffs and also provide a range of services to support our clients throughout their projects.

Our services include producing bills of quantities (BOQ) and schedules for contracts, providing feasibility studies for contracts at early stages, offering cost plans and value engineering, and providing building contracts for all sizes for both main contractor and sub-contractor works.

We also offer onsite works, including site measurement, valuations, sub-contractor payments, and client applications. Our team can assist with the agreement of final accounts with clients, developers, and contractors, and provide project management on contracts from conception to completion.

We offer H&S advice and documentation and can provide business assistance with cash flows, budgets, and more.


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